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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any smoking vehicles?

All of our vehicles are non-smoking. The driver, however, will be more than happy to stop the vehicle when it is safe so that you may get out and smoke. There is absolutely no smoking whatsoever in the vehicle. Smoking in any vehicle will result in immediate termination of the reservation and the entire cost will be charged, including cleaning fees if necessary.



Can I rent a Limousine for one hour?

We require a three hour minimum for limousine reservations Sunday through Wednesday and a four hour minimum Thursday through Saturday. This is due to large expense and cost involved in securing and maintaining the vehicles. A one hour rental is not cost effective. There are other restrictions, such as proms, that require a seven hour minimum.



We are going to an event at Gillette Stadium. Can we be dropped off and then picked up when the event is over?

Gillette Stadium has specific parking areas for limousines. Once there, we are not permitted to leave. Dropping off and picking up passengers other than in designated areas is not safe and does not save time.


Gillette Stadium



When do my charges begin and end when renting a limousine?

The time begins and ends at the pick up and drop off locations. The possiblity of travel time will be discussed at the time of booking.



When will my credit card be charged?

For airport service, your credit card will not be charged until the day of service. Prepayments can be arranged by relatives and friends of the passenger. Deposits are required for other services and the balance will not be charged until services have been provided. Weddings require the entire balance be paid two weeks prior.



When can I get a receipt?

We feel that travel can be hectic and stressful enough without waiting for a receipt to be written by a chauffeur. All receipts will be emailed or can be obtained by accessing your online account, which can be provided at no charge.



Do the chauffeurs wear tuxedos?

The standard uniform for our chauffeurs is a black suit, white shirt, black tie. We have found that chauffeurs wearing tuxedos, particulary for weddings, can give the appearance that we are part of the wedding party and take attention away from the event.



What is your policy on tipping the chauffeur?

All reservations include an eighteen percent gratuity for airport-sedan services and twenty percent gratuity for all other services.



Do you provide child car seats?

Due to the many manufacturers and preferences that parents have regarding their children's safety, we do not supply car seats.



What kind of vehicles do you have?

We offer only late model Lincoln L-Series sedans, Lincoln stretch limousines, fourteen passenger vans, and non-stretch SUVs. We can also provide speciality specialtiy vehicles, such as Rolls Royce, stretch SUVs and fifty-five passenger coaches.



What is the cancellation policy?

Two hours for airport services, seven days for limousine service and two weeks for weddings. Cancellations made outside these limits will result in 100% of charges being applied. Wedding deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to future services.



What are your hours of operation?

Reservationists are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week.


We are going on a family vacation and would like to take a limousine. Is this possible?

The trunk of a limousine is the same size of a sedan and we do not allow luggage in the passenger compartment of our limousines for safety reasons. We want you to enjoy your entire vacation, however, if your luggage will not fit in the trunk, we suggest one of our SUVs or passenger vans.



How soon before a flight should I be picked up?

For domestic flights, we recommend being at the airport ninety minutes to two hours before your flight time. For international flights, we recommend being at the airport three hours before your flight time.



Will the driver wait if my flight is delayed?

YES. As soon as you are notified your flight has been delayed, please call Stirling Coach at (603)589-2000 with your new flight information. Our operations department track all flights, but should be notified with your new information.



What is your policy on waiting time?

We strive to offer as much grace period on your reservation before any waiting time is billed. This includes being as generous as we can with chauffeur waiting time at airport pick-ups. Our policy is as follows:


Airport departures: First fifteen minutes

Airport domestic arrivals: First thirty minutes

Airport international arrivals: First one hour

Amtrak: First thirty minutes


If you experience any delays once you have landed, i.e. taxi time to the gate, baggage claim, etc., please notify us to avoid waiting time charges.



How much do you charge for waiting time?

After the grace period, waiting time is billed at a base rate of $13.00 per fifteen minutes for a sedan and $17.50 per fifteen minutes for limousines and vans.



Where do I meet my vehicle at the airport?

Please go here for airport terminal information.

















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